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Hi, I’m Julia! 

I help sustainable businesses and non-profits meet their true potential 

I've been a professional copywriter for over 10 years now. In that time, I've worked with clients from all over the world, across a variety of sectors. I've written everything from blogposts, to magazine features, to super-serious, technical reports about topics I'd previously never heard of! 
Although I like to see myself as a rebel, my very first freelance gig was ghostwriting thought leadership pieces for corporate lawyers. Tackling issues like green finance and the energy transition from a legal perspective has deepened my understanding of the challenges involved. I'm also a bit of an expert on greenwashing! 

"I hope that anyone who reads this will one day have the opportunity to work with such a superb business writer whose skill and love of her work is hard not to notice."  Linda NiChualladh, Chief Privacy Counsel and AI Counsel 

Like probably most of you reading this, I worry a lot about climate change and the people it affects. I've always tried to live kindly and to limit my impact on the planet. I'm a vegan. I wear secondhand clothes. I don't drive. I avoid single-use plastic. But in the past few years, it's occurred to me that I can maximise my positive impact by focusing on the one thing I probably do best... writing!  
That's why I'm now committed to channelling all of my passion and creativity into supporting sustainable brands with big visions. 
Through impactful story telling and results-driven content marketing, I can help you hit the mark with a wider audience. I can help you set your brand and its credentials apart from the noise and the greenwash! In short, the content I create can help you maximise your positive impact. 

Why You Need a Sustainability Copywriter 

The message is finally hitting home. The way we live and the way we do business needs to change – and it needs to change fast. As other brands scramble for solutions, your brand is the solution. From energy to fashion to banking, your ideas have the power to change the game – you just need enough people to listen. You understand sustainability is about more than just carbon – it’s about people. That means protecting workers, consumers and ecosystems touched by your supply chain. 

So, What's Stopping You? 

Seriously, what’s stopping you? At a time when consumers value sustainability more than ever, how do you harness this momentum to reach your true potential? That’s were I come in. 

I Can Help You Tell Your Story 

My copywriting will help you to tell your story and bring that story to a wider audience. I can help you harness SEO to move your website up the search rankings. I can help you develop your voice and build trust with your dream clients. And in a world where consumers are bombarded with greenwashing, trust is everything. 
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