It’s just words – right? When budgets are tight, hiring a specialist sustainability copywriter may not seem like the top priority for your brand. Particularly now – when new sophisticated AI seems like a gamechanger for content marketing! 
But when it comes to return on investment, an experienced human sustainability copywriter offers something unique. They can create engaging content, crafted to draw readers to your website and convert more of those readers into buyers. They can ensure you maintain complete integrity and transparency at all times. And they can bring something extra as well... something - well, human
Read on to find out all the ways a sustainability copywriter is must-have - not a good-to-have! - when it comes to taking your business to the next level. 

What is a Sustainability Copywriter? 

Whether you’re looking for help with your website, blogpost or white paper, you’ll find search hit upon search hit of excellent copywriters out there. Copywriters who not only write well but understand how to harness their writing to convert readers into customers. 
A sustainability copywriter (sometimes also called an “ethical copywriter”, or “environmental copywriter”) specialises in working with businesses like yours that are looking for more than just profit. This gives them a deeper understanding of your work and your brand’s overall mission. They share your passion for creating meaningful change, bringing authenticity and relatability to their approach and their writing. A sustainability copywriter will work with you to craft your brand’s voice and personality and help you understand and harness the power of your online content. 

Your Business Needs Content Marketing and Your Content Marketing Needs a Sustainability Copywriter 

Creating quality online content is central to bringing prospective buyers to your website and converting traffic into sales. Whether it’s blogposts, white papers or newsletters, content marketing helps you showcase your brand and connect with your target audience. 
By giving consumers helpful expert advice for free, through a blogpost, for example, you are building trust and brand recognition. Readers will stay on your site for longer and they’re more likely to come back. When they are ready to buy, the right content marketing strategy will ensure your brand is the first thing on their minds. 

A Sustainability Copywriter Will Help You Build Trust in Your Brand 

Empathy and authenticity are central to any successful content marketing campaign. They are core ingredients to your ethical brand’s personality and without them, you simply won't connect with as many prospective consumers. As greenwashing floods the marketplace, it can be a challenge for even climate-conscious consumers to spot genuinely ethical and sustainable products and brands. 
A specialist sustainability copywriter will recognise this problem and tackle it in a way AI or even an experienced non-specialist copywriter cannot. They also understand advertising rules governing this area. It's easier than you may think to fall foul of new regulation surrounding greenwashing – something that could cause immense harm to your brand. 

A Sustainability Copywriter Will Raise the Roof on SEO 

Every great expedition – shopping or otherwise! – begins with an online search. Doing SEO right is a kind of art form. And a skilled copywriter of any stripe is central to boosting your SEO and bringing your website onto the first page of Google search hits. 
It’s been widely proven that bringing organic footfall to your website is not only cheaper than paid advertisements. It’s also infinitely more effective. A good sustainability copywriter doesn't just get sustainability - they get SEO! 

A Sustainability Copywriter Helps You Build and Nurture Your Brand's Personality 

Whatever your work, a huge part of standing out from the crowd comes down to the strength and distinctiveness of your brand’s voice and personality. It should be unique. It should reflect what you’re about. And it should be consistent across all your online and offline content. This consistency is key to making it something familiar. 
You may already have found your voice. An eco-friendly copywriter can help you nurture and develop this voice across all channels of communications. You may have no idea where to start – in which case, the right sustainability copywriter will help you create it from scratch. 

A Sustainability Copywriter Brings Out the Human in Science and Tech 

When it comes to meaningful climate action, one of the greatest barriers has been the fact that most people only understand small segments of the problem. If you’re not a climate scientist, it can be hard to fully appreciate the implications of a major new report, government policy or industrial problem. Key issues can be reduced to misleading click bait headlines. A part of your job as a sustainable brand is telling consumers the whole story in a way that's human and relatable. This is harder than it sounds. And that's why you need a sustainability copywriter. 

A Sustainability Copywriter Will Give You the Gift of Time 

It doesn’t matter how great a writer you are – high quality, targeted copy doesn’t just happen. It takes research, planning, writing, editing and more! All of this takes time. Hiring a sustainability copywriter gives you that time back. By passing your content marketing over to a professional, you can focus on the bigger purposes behind your brand. 

Ready to Find Out More? 

If you’re looking for a specialist copywriter to help you grow your sustainable business (or if you just have questions!) I’m here for you. Get in touch with me at or book a call with me below. 
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