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My Impact 

Just So You Know I Mean What I Say.... 

It may be just me and my laptop, but my business still has an impact. It matters to me and it should matter to you too. 
As an ethical business owner myself, I understand it's not just about what I do, but also who I choose work with. That's why I want to be as transparent as possible about my own sustainability record.  
Like many of you out there, I'm not quite carbon-negative yet – but that's definitely my endgame.  
In the meantime, there are some things I do well, other things I do obsessively, and a few things I do obsessively well! In other areas of my business and my life there is definitely room for improvement.  
I promise to keep updating this page as things change (for better or worse). Keep watching this space and keep holding me to account. I promise I'll do better!  

"Julia wrote the sustainability statement for my website. She made the whole process as easy as possible, guiding me with in-depth questions every step of the way. Julia is a patient, flexible, and talented copywriter and she worked closely with me to develop the statement tailored to my needs. Julia also provided in depth knowledge to how I can improve my business to be more sustainable in the future."  Gemma Madgwick, Gemma Madgwick Illustraion, www.gemmamadgwick.com 

So Here Goes... 

As you can see from the glamorous photos throughout this website, I mostly work at home. Our electricity comes from Ecotricity. Ecotricity uses 100% renewable sources and has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2025. It's also completely vegan, which is huge for me! Learn more here
I also work at a coworking space two days a week. It's a cooperative – meaning profits are reinvested back into facilities and into services for the community. Like my home, the building uses 100% renewable energy. 
My website is run by it'seeze which runs on 100% renewable electricity. Read its full environmental statement here. Aside from that, though my website is modestly greener than average, there's plenty more work to be done. If you're bored, you can read all about my website's varied shortcomings here.  
My search engine of choice is Ecosia, which is carbon neutral and dedicated to supporting climate action (read more here). I also use Fathom – a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. (Click here to read all about why you shouldn't use Google Analytics!) 
My business account is Monzo, which doesn't invest in fossil fuels and is committed to a 2030 net zero target. Read more here
As a human, I eat and live vegan. Around 90% of mine and my kids' clothes and shoes are secondhand. I don't drive. I avoid single use plastic and make a conscious effort to reuse and repurpose, rather than throw things out.  

Want to communicate your values, but don't know where to start? I can help! 


My Future Plans 

I'm currently looking into ways my business can do more to support organisations dedicated climate action. Either by providing my services free of charge to a like-minded non-profit, or by signing up for 1% For the Planet. Keep visiting this page for updates! 
OK, so – deep breath – my personal finances are decidedly NOT carbon-free right now. It's something I feel terrible about, and it needs to change. I'll be switching my personal current and savings accounts over to Monzo very soon (watch this space!). The mortgage situation is a little more complicated, but I'll update soon with a timeline! 
I don't currently have a pension (shhh!). But when I finally decide to become a grown up, I promise to choose an ethical provider that doesn't invest in fossil fuels. 

Did I Miss Something? 

Is there anything I haven't mentioned, or anything I did that raised more questions? Just get in touch and let me know. 
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