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Blogposts and Articles 

Offering free expert advice online is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website and build trust with prospective customers. A particularly helpful blogpost or article will be bookmarked and read again. And when these readers are ready to spend money on the issue, your brand should be the first thing on their minds! 
Don't believe me? Research shows over 80% of sales happen after seven or more interactions with a company's website. As consumers grow more discerning, they want to get to know you before they commit to your brand. From ghostwriting thought leadership pieces to crafting short impactful blogposts, I can help you find the style, tone and medium that fits your purpose. In the past, I've written about topics like renewable energy, green finance and ethical fashion. But I'm always excited to learn more about any issue related to sustainability – and the brand dedicated to solving it! Everything I write is highly researched, SEO-stacked and tailored its target readership. 

"Julia is an excellent writer and a pleasure to work with... Julia understood our brand very quickly and ensured her work constantly reflected our values and our audiences' interests."  Ali Brooks, A+E Television Networks UK 

Websites & SEO 

Did you ever find yourself wandering the streets of a strange town at 3am, desperately googling places still open and serving burritos? This is basically the start of every potential client’s search for your precise products and services. If they're going to find you at all, you need to rank highly in search engine results. From the moment they click on your landing page, its written content is your opening pitch to each and every one of them. Is your website doing your brand justice? Do you have a website at all? 
If this is early days for you, I can work with you to plan and craft all pages from scratch, harnessing SEO, and working your brand personality into each one. I can also edit, proofread and thoroughly audit existing websites to advise you how to boost organic traffic and sales conversion rates. How many landing pages should you have? Is your contact form driving people away? There's a million invisible website issues -– big and small -– that could be holding you back! 
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