Website & SEO Services 

Website and SEO Services 

Did you ever find yourself wandering the streets of a strange city at 3am, glued to your phone, desperately searching for somewhere still open and serving burritos? Great. Then you already understand the power of SEO. 
SEO — short for search engine optimisation — covers a range of tactics to give your content greater visibility online. It's most commonly associated with optimising web pages for Google searches (or Ecosia searches, if you're me!). But you don't need a website — SEO works pretty much anywhere you can search online. Shopify, Instagram, Etsy... all of these pages can be optimised for SEO. 
A strong SEO strategy has many parts — from careful keyword placement to maintaining an easily navigable site with fast-loading pages — all of which I can advise you on. But I still firmly believe SEO's most important ingredient is the writing. Strong SEO copywriting doesn't just stack keywords — it inspires, entertains and educates. It's the essence of why people trust and identify with your brand. 

Why Ethical SEO, Though? 

SEO has always had a kind of shadowland attached. Do it in the right way and you’re answering — really answering — the biggest questions people are asking online. 
But there’s also another way to do SEO... also known as the wrong way. At the extreme end, this can include tactics like: - 
Keyword stuffing — adding irrelevant keywords to pages so they'll rank in search engine results. 
Cloaking — where humans and web crawlers see two entirely different pages. 
'Doorway’/ ‘gateway’/ ‘bridge’ pages — optimising a low quality page, which instantly redirects visitors to an entirely different page. 
Yes. People really do all these things. 
There are subtler shades in SEO ethics though. Like... are you protecting people’s privacy when they visit your website? Or managing your impact on the planet? Or making your website accessible to everyone? 
These are the grey areas that helped inspire my Ethical SEO service package.  
Any reputable SEO service provider will follow search engine rules. The Ethical SEO service package goes much further. Because when you’re an ethical brand, I believe those ethics should extend to everything you do — including your marketing. It's not just the right thing to do — it also protects your brand's reputation, and even its legal standing. 

"Julia is an excellent writer and a pleasure to work with... Julia understood our brand very quickly and ensured her work constantly reflected our values and our audiences' interests."  Ali Brooks, A+E Television Networks UK 

How We Can Work on SEO Together  I want to support ethical and sustainable businesses and non-profits of all sizes and budgets. To this end, I've looked for flexible and cost-effective ways we can work together. But I'm also open to any new ideas if you have them!  My prices start at £50. This covers the SEO Power Hour — a one-hour consultation call, and accompanying starter audit report.   Depending on the price package you opt for, my Ethical SEO website audits go far beyond a typical SEO audit. I can review written content and carry out accessibility, privacy and sustainability check ups, including practical advice on how to put changes into action.  I can rewrite some or all of your web pages and help you out with an effective SEO blogging strategy.   My SEO services are supported by specialist paid-for technical SEO software, alongside my own years of SEO experience. All my SEO services include careful consideration of the core ethical issues I’ve detailed above.  One service I can't offer (yet!) is web design. I'm currently working on an exciting collab with a very awesome sustainable web designer... so what this space! In the meantime, if you're looking for a full web design I can refer you over to one of a handful of carefully vetted sustainable web designers.  

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